Beery, George

George Beery
b: 28 APR 1810
d: 4 AUG 1844
  • 28 APR 1810 – Birth – ; Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
  • 4 AUG 1844 – Death –
  • 1830 – Residence – ; Rush Creek, Fairfield, Ohio, USA
  • 1830 – Residence – ; Rush Creek, Fairfield, Ohio, USA
Nicholas Beery
16 JUN 173916 FEB 1811
Israel (Isaac) Beery
10 JUN 177718 JUN 1851
George Beery
28 APR 18104 AUG 1844
Mary Cradlebaugh
29 FEB 17847 MAR 1850
Family Group Sheet – Child
PARENT (M) Israel (Isaac) Beery
Birth10 JUN 1777Rockingham, Virginia
Death18 JUN 1851 Bremen, OH
Marriage13 MAY 1806to Mary Cradlebaugh at Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
FatherNicholas Beery
PARENT (F) Mary Cradlebaugh
Birth29 FEB 1784Washington, Pennsylvania
Death7 MAR 1850 Bremen, Fairfield County, Ohio, United States of America
Marriage13 MAY 1806to Israel (Isaac) Beery at Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
FatherJohn Cradlebaugh
FAnn Maria Beery
Birth29 AUG 1817Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
Death5 JUN 1890Shelby County, Ohio, United States of America
Marriage26 OCT 1837to Charles Fristoe at Hocking, Ohio
FDelilah Beery
Birth1 APR 1807Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
Death24 JUN 1894
FElizabeth Beery
Birth1820Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
Death17 MAY 1889
FPriscilla Beery
Birth1825Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
MAndrew Beery
Birth1812Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
MElijah Beery
Birth6 DEC 1819Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
Death16 DEC 1877Shelby County, Ohio
MGeorge Beery
Birth28 APR 1810Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
Death4 AUG 1844
FCatherine Beery
Birth11 APR 1808Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
Death2 FEB 1904Putnam County, Ohio, United States of America
Marriage15 APR 1832to Daniel Seitz at Fairfield, Ohio, USA
MLevi L. Beery
Birth3 FEB 1814Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
Death15 MAY 1893New London, Henry, Iowa
MJesse G. Beery
Birth1816Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
Death12 JAN 1853New London, Henry, Iowa
MIsaac Beery
Birth2 FEB 1822Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
Death5 OCT 1890United States of America
MEnoch Beery
Birth11 SEP 1823Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio
Death2 JUN 1905Near Pleasant Hill, Miami, Ohio
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